If you are serious about your health and fitness, a personal trainer will help insure you reach those goals more quickly,
efficiently and safely.

Our personal trainers use their knowledge and expertise to custom-tailor programs for your specific needs.  Proper
training technique, combined with proper nutrition, will put you on a path to a healthier, more active lifestyle.  More
importantly, perhaps, a personal trainer will provide you with the support and encouragement you need to achieve your
goals step-by-step.

*Plateau- The point at which your body stops responding to physical activity

Most everyone who has been working out for some time can relate to the feeling when they “plateau” or "hit the wall."  
This is the ideal point to call on one of our personal trainers!  Not only will you gain a fresh perspective of your unique
goals and how to achieve them, the additional techniques you’ll learn will renew your motivation and move you forward to
the next level!

*THE GYM offers comprehensive, personalized fitness training and personal
programming for
ALL ages and fitness levels!

*One-on-One Personal Training

*Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy

*Specialized Training for Athletes

(MD Referral Only)

*Weight Management

*Toning and Conditioning

*Balance Training and Conditioning

(*Personal Training Packages Available- Please Call for Current Rates)

THE GYM offers a complete, personalized nutrition analysis.  We can assist you in making healthy changes and meal
planning to help you achieve you fitness goals.